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breeders that register with KUSA
updated 26 August 2021

Buy only KUSA Registered dogs, do not support backyard breeders! 
By buying from a reputable breeder, it doesn't mean you are getting a show dog, it means you are getting a well bred dog of pure origins
Buying from Gumtree, OLX etc supports backyard breeding. Please avoid online scams by checking out your breeder!

We encourage prospective buyers to ask lots of questions.
The purchase of a suitable puppy relies on the trusting relationship between the prospective owner and the breeder
Buyers need to be discerning and careful when purchasing a puppy in South Africa.
There are a LOT of scams!

For Breeders of the following, please click the link to the BREEDERS page:
These breeders register with KUSA and are verified by this page owner


Should you buy a puppy from a "breeder", other than from a registered breeder, please be aware that the parentage of your pup is not guaranteed. The health and temperament is unknown, and no guarantees can be supplied. With your puppy you should at least have a veterinary card with one inoculation on it, assurance that he/she has been dewormed three times, been microchipped and vet checked. It is also important that you find out if the breeder offers a written agreement of sale (make sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of the agreement), and please ask for proof of all relevant health testing. The original KUSA registration certificate should be issued at under 4 months of age.
You can verify any breeder by contacting KUSA directly. 

what breeders want from you

what breeders want from you