Mackland Shetland Sheepdogs Shelties South Africa

Shelties Bred by Mackland

GraVity x Darke 2021

tango sable sheltie   sheltie puppy
Mackland Two to Tango (Tango)   Mackland High Five (Hi-5)

Brave x ZZ 2021
Liv sheltie puppy 6 months south africa Aria sable and white sheltie puppy Tiny Tim Sheltie 6 months
Mackland Live Wire (Liv) Mackland Wired for Sound CGC (Aria) Mackland Wired to a T (Timmy)
fame sheltie Summer sheltie puppy 6 months south africa Eddy sheltie puppy 6 months south africa
Mackland Wired to Wow CGC (Fame) Mackland Silver Thread (Summer) Mackland Haywire (Eddy)

Reece x GraVity 2020

sable sheltie puppy port elizabeth south africa sheltie myla puppy sable south africa shiva sable sheltie
MBNiS MBNiSS Mackland Captain Jack Sparrow (Jack) Mackland Star of the Sea (Myla) MBPiS RBPiSS RBJiSS Mackland Shiver me Timbers JM (Shiva)

Darke x Seren 2020

joules sheltie nova sable sheltie puppy south africa hush tri sheltie
Mackland Deep Darke Secret (Joules) Mackland Dirty Little Secret (Nova) Mackland Hush Hush CGC (Hush)

Reece x Brave 2019

asher black and white sheltie south africa bi black danny boy sheltie sable south africa Ezy bi black & white sheltie
CH Mackland Born to be Wild NTD ITD ATD (Asher) Mackland Wild Card (Danny Boy) Mackland Color Me Wild CGC(Br) NTD ITD (Ezy) (Exp Nam)
Dante sable sheltie champion Eden black and white sheltie lana sable sheltie south africa
CH Mackland Wild Dante (Dante) Mackland Wild Spirit (Eden) Mackland Wildfire (Lana)

Reece x G 2019

Kizmet sheltie south africa   sable sheltie south africa
Mackland Kismets Quest (Kizzie)   CH Mackland My Serendipity (Seren)

Journey x Zz 2018

Bailey sheltie gravity sheltie Teddy sheltie south africa
Mackland Princess Leia (Bailey) CH Mackland Zero Gravity JM CGC (Gravity) Mackland Warp Speed (Teddy)
stellar sheltie agility   Jasper sheltie south africa
CH(DJ) Mackland Interstellar CGC (Stellar)   Mackland Rocket Man (Jasper)

Journey x Reece 2017
Jamie sheltie brave sheltie vinnie sheltie
Mackland Applause Please (Jamie) CH RBiSS BJiS BJiSS MBBPiSS RBBPiS BPiSS RBPiSS Mackland Bravo Bravo JM CGC (Brave) CH Mackland Play it Again (Vinnie)
hobbes sheltie   Luka sheltie
Mackland Take a Bow (Hobbes)   Mackland Encore (Luka)

Dollar x Reece 2016
(bred by Dawn Crawshaw)
Timmy sheltie sayde champion teddy sheltie
Mackland Work of Joy (Timmy) Res KUSA Nat Sheltie '19 CH & CH(DJ)(NC)(AG) Mackland Work It NTD ITD (Sayde) CH(WUD) Mackland Works for Me WUDex TD1ex TT3 CDex (Teddy)
Astro sheltie   halo sheltie
Mackland Work of Fiction (Astro)   Mackland Work O Holic CGC (Halo) Exp Zim

G x Reece 2016
jesse sheltie flame sh eltie Zz sable sheltie port elizabeth south africa
BJiSS BNiSS CH Mackland Skiving Snakbox CGC (Jesse) Exp NZ CH Mackland Saltwater Taffy (Flame) BiSS CH Mackland Fizzing Whizbee CGC (Zz)
pixie sheltie south africa   arran sheltie
Mackland Pixie Puff (Pixie)   Mackland Explodin Bonbon (Arran)

Journey x Reece 2016
skyla sheltie sheltie mylo sheltie
CH Mackland Gives Ya Wings (Skyla) CH(Aus) BPiS MBPiSS RBPiS Mackland Wings ov Change (Miley) Exp Aus CH Mackland Just Wing It (Mylo)


Q x Tide 2014

shetland sheepdog south africa sheltie puppies chivas sheltie ditto sheltie
Mackland Gummiberryjuice (G) Mackland Bear With Me (Chivas) Mackland Ditto Bear (Ditto)
sheltie Lisa   T sheltie
Mackland Rhythm Bear (Lisa) CGC R-FE/N ITD   KUSA Nat DJ'19 KUSA Nat AG'19 KUSA Nat NC'19 GRCH(DJ)(AG)(NC) Mackland Mr T-Bear (T)

Tizzy x Roman 2014

Riker Trek Diva sheltie
MBNiSS MBNiS MRBNiS Mackland Commander Riker CGC (Riker) Mackland To Boldly Go (Trek) CH BPiS RBPiS CH Mackland Fifth Element CGC(Go) NTD ITD (Diva) (Exp Nam)
Dollar Sheltie   Lexi sheltie
CH(OB)(WUD)(MF) KUSA Nat Ob '17 '18, Res KUSA Nat WUD '18 KUSA Nat MF '21 Mackland Roddenberry TT1 TT2 CDex TD1 TD2ex WUDex (Dollar)   Mackland Next Generation (Lexi)

Thank you to all new owners of Mackland dogs for taking such good care of my babies
 Good Luck in all your training and competitions, and have loads of fun!