Mackland Shetland Sheepdogs Shelties South Africa

Border Collies Bred by Mackland

Rebel x Rush 2017
(bred by Sam Wainwright)

Aqua border collie Harley Quinn border Collie Leo border collie
Mackland Purple Turtle (Aqua) Mackland Pink Panther (Harley Quinn) Mackland Moulin Rouge (Leo) Exp Zam
kansas border collie savanna border collie sirius border collie
Mackland Lady in Red (Kansas) Exp Zam Mackland Black Velvet (Savanna) CH Mackland Sirius Black (Sirius)

Flirt x Sunny 2017
(bred by Johlene Boullion)
mackland ee red border collie south africa milly border collie lucca border collie
Mackland Blueberry Hill (Nyala) Mackland Halle Berry (Milly) Mackland Berrylicious (Lucca)
huck border collie border collie cassie border collie
Mackland Huckleberry Fin CGC (Huck) Exp Zim Mackland Juniper Berry (Bella) Mackland Strawberiblonde (Cassie)
  bly border collie  
  Mackland ChucklberiBlaze CGC NTD ITD (Bly)  

Finn x Maverick 2016

dallas border collie Thor border collie flyball uk triss border collie south africa
Mackland Wandering Star CDX TD1 (Dallas) Mackland Starry Night (Thor) Mackland Wish Upona Star CGC UKFL Cadet Advanced (Triss) (Exp UK)
Samora border collie holly border collie brynn border collie
Mackland Andromida (Samora) Mackland Hollywood Star CGC (Holly) Exp Zim Mackland Writn inthStars (Brynn)
  topaz border collie  
  Mackland Superstar (Topaz)  

Finn x Sunny 2015

nique bc  bault border collie border collie shiraz
Mackland Moon Shadow (Niqua) CH Mackland Fly Me toth Moon (Bault) Mackland Harvest Moon (Shiraz)
midnight border collie south africa rebel border collie cruz border collie
Mackland Midnight Moon (Midnight) CH Mackland Bad Moon Rising CGC (Rebel) Mackland Man on the Moon (Cruz)
 tswalu border collie   west border collie
CH Mackland Over the Moon (Tswalu)   Mackland Onceina Blumoon FDx (West)


Red x Rush 201

ee red border collie  loxleigh border collie cloud border collie
Mackland Lookin 4 Action (Flirt) Mackland Unlock My Heart CGC TT1ex CDex (Loxleigh) Mackland Cloud Nine (Cloud)
fin-s border collie   skylar border collie border collie zea
Mackland Shes Got Style CGC (Fin-S) Mackland Mamma Mia CGC(Go) NTD ITD ATD ETD (Skylar) Mackland Fields of Gold (Zea)
koda border collie   tsingy border collie
Mackland Eat My Shorts (Koda)   Mackland th Great Tsingy (Tsingy)

Finn x Sunny 2014

kelso borde collie  splash border collie  Kira border collie
BPiS Mackland U R My Sunshine CGC DMA (Kelso) CH Mackland Spirit n th Sky CGC (Splash) CH Mackland Ray of Sunshine (Kira)
Rayce2 Cara border collie border collie gripen
Mackland Rayce to th Sun CGC (Rayce) Mackland Pocket O Sunshine CGC NTD ITD ATD ETD R-FE/NS TDCH TDGRCH (Cara) Mackland Chase the Sun (Gripen)
  mackland border collies & shetland sheepdogs  
  Mackland Daeleen ofth Sun (Daeleen)  

Chakotay x Sunny 2014

ee red border collie border collie domino  ee red border collie
Mackland Paintthtown Red (Rogan) Res KUSA Nat WUD'18 '19 Res KUSA Nat TD '17 KUSA Nat TD '19 KUSA Nat OB'16 CH(TD)(WUD) Mackland I Wanna Be Red CDex WUDex TD1 TD2ex(Domino) Mackland Red e Sted e CGC NTD ITD ATD (Red)


Chakotay x Denver 2011

cody border collie stellar border collie Finn Border Collie
Mackland Fast n Furious (Cody) Exp Aus CH Mackland Dream Catcher CGC (Stellar) KUSA Nat DJ '14 CH & CH(DJ) RBViSS RBJiS Mackland Steer the Line CGC (Finn)
shadow2 Rush border collie Eli
BViSS CH Mackland Spring Loaded (Shadow) Res Kusa Nat BC '17 CH Mackland Need for Speed CGC BH-VT (Rush) Mackland Flying High (Eli)
zest border collie border collie
BNiSS CH Mackland Zest for Life (Zest)   CH(DJ) Mackland Rev it Up CGC NTD ITD ATD (Cal)

Chakotay x Denver 2010

mackland border collies & shetland sheepdogs mackland border collies & shetland sheepdogs
Mackland Tru to My Heart CGC (Shadow) Mackland Destinys Heart CGC (Destin) CH Mackland Rayce my Heart (Rayce)
border collie Roq Cheq Legend border collie
KUSA Nat TD '15, KUSA Nat OB '16, KUSA Nat WUD '18 '19, Res KUSA Nat WUD '17  GRCH(OB) CH(TD)(WUD) Mackland Roque My Heart CDex WUDex TD3 (Roc) BViS RBViS MBViSS CH Mackland Chequered Heart CGC(Go) CDex TD2ex ITT3ex TD2ex BH FPR1 STPR1 WUDex  (Cheq) CH Mackland Heartofa Legend CGC (Legend)

Thank you to all owners of Mackland dogs for taking such good care of my babies
 Good Luck in all your training and competitions, and have loads of fun!