Mackland Shetland Sheepdogs Shelties South Africa
Apply for a Mackland Sheltie 


I sometimes have Sheltie puppies that are for sale.
You would have seen what breeding plans I have on my PLANNED LITTERS page.

Firstly, please make sure that a Shetland Sheepdog is for you.
You can read all about the Sheltie HERE
You can also get a lot of information on Shelties in South Africa HERE

Next, please DOWNLOAD my Puppy Information Sheet
You will need to read through this thoroughly.
Everything you need to know about receiving a puppy from me is on here, including price.

If you have any further questions about any of the above, please CONTACT ME.

If you are still wanting to apply for a Sheltie:
Please complete this online QUESTIONNAIRE
DOWNLOAD the editable PDF questionnaire (save it to your computer/ phone), fill it in & email it to me.

This will help me understand your circumstances, requirements, and interest in the Sheltie.
It is important that I match the right puppy to the right owner.
By completing this questionnaire, it doesn't mean that you are guaranteed a puppy, but rather it helps me match my pups to their new owners! It is very important to me that my pups go to their forever homes, first time around!

Once I receive your application, I will respond with a follow up email.
You will be added to my information list.
When I have news on mating/ pregnancy/ scans etc, I will mail the list.
At this point you will be asked if you are still interested, if you want to be removed form the list,
if you have already found a puppy elsewhere, or if you want to be moved to a later list.

It is recommended that you get on more than one list, but do your homework on the breeders!


My shelties are bred with the utmost care, with specific goals in mind, and with the strictest health considerations.
No cost is spared in acquiring lines from around the world, and in the testing of my Shelties.
I expect to get to know prospective owners, and to be able to advise them on Sheltie ownership.
Questions are welcome anytime.