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Border Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs & Australian Shepherd Dogs

Mackland, situated in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, was first registered with KUSA in 2003.
I strive to find the perfect balance between conformation, companionship & the performance dog!
I am a "hobby" breeder, and only breed occasionally, as my main focus is on dogsports:
Agility, Dog Jumping, Obedience, Flyball, Frisbee & Conformation

Before breeding, I DNA test all of my dogs, as well as Hip and Elbow score them.
Most of my dogs are imported in order to obtain quality, "clean" lines.

nadine shortland nadine and border collie

I have had dogs all my life, the first being a Rough Collie, and then my first Border Collie in 1978, and I was instantly hooked.

I have been training dogs since 1996, when I got my first competitive dog, a Border Collie named Jess.
Jess was made up to triple champion.

My second dog, Seven,
an Australian Shepherd Dog, introduced Conformation to my range of disciplines. Seven reached Grand Champion and 5-way Champion status in the Disciplines. She has since crossed the rainbow bridge, but I do have a red-tri Aussie, V, that sadly does not have great health scores, and she ended up as a madly-loved pet!

I imported another Border Collie from the States, and she was made up easily, and was a suitable candidate for the foundation of by BC line. From her I bred my Finn, and some co-owned Borders. I also own a quirky farm-type border collie from the Eastern Cape.

I managed to add some imported Shetland Sheepdogs to my family. Q and Tide came in first, from Germany - my foundation in Shelties. Tide has sired a number of litters, and Q is a 4-way champion, & triple Grand Champion.
I now have a number of Shelties, after importing from Canada, USA & Australia, as well as some that I bred myself.

So I have settled on 3 breeds that I love:
The Border Collie, the Shetland Sheepdog, and the Australian Shepherd
My focus is more on the Shetland Sheepdogs now, although I do try and keep up with the Border Collies and Aussies.
I have an interest in Australian BC lines, and in the ee- reds. I do not breed Australian Shepherds.

More about me

I practiced as an Obedience instructor from 1998, and an Agility instructor
from 2001, including specialised foundation and puppy Agility classes.
now give private instruction in Clicker Training, and Advanced Agility, with a little Puppy and Intermediate Agility on the side. 

My goal is to encourage great performance dogs while, at the same time, promote the good & healthy breeding, and pure lines of these wonderful breeds that I have chosen!

 See MY STORY for more about my Sheltie breeding.

miley sheltie

nadine and rayce Zz &  Nadine

Passed numerous Clicker Courses
Gold award at the 2008 KUSA Instructors Course
Qualified - Hills VNA Levels 1 and 2, as well as the refresher courses
Championship level judge in Conformation (Herding) & Agility, Dog Jumping, Carting & Flyball
Passed the Hills Puppy School course, University of Pretoria
International (FCI) Agility Judge
Tracklayer for Working Trials
CGC Judge

Affiliations etc:
Member of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa
Member of the Port Elizabeth Kennel Club
Member of Baakens Valley Working & Herding Club
Chairman of the Herding Club of the Eastern Cape
Member of the Shetland Sheepdog Club
Life Member of Cat Care
Member of the Animal Welfare Society
Supporter of Border Collie Rescue - Gauteng
Ambassador to
Hills Pet Nutrition

Other Achievements:
Judged the South African Agility Championships & SA team selection 2016 (Cape Town)
Chief judge for the South African Agility Championships 2020 (Port Elizabeth)

I am also able to do Puppy Aptitude Testing (Volhard)
Request your litter to be tested in Port Elizabeth


Dogs are groomed with:
Pure Paws Sheltie grooming

We feed & recommend:

Hills Pet Nutrition plays a huge role in the success of Mackland's breeding program, and also contributes to the multitude of achievements of all our Performance dogs! For the best start to all our puppies lives, Hills is tops! From quality puppy nutrition, maintenance nutrition, senior nutrition, we use it all! Not only that, but Mackland firmly believes in the advantages of specialised foods such as weight loss diets and joint care diets. The best care possible for our loved ones.