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updated 17 November 2017

Border Collie Type Dogs Needing Homes
Contact Border Collie Rescue - Julie Morris - 011-395-2259 - 082-887-9668


border collieAddo didn't want to stand still for his photo shoot so this photo doesn't do him much justice, he's a very friendly boy just 3yrs old. Always lived with his brother but we will be socialising him with other dogs. Loves his walks and likes to play ball, he grew up on a farm with sheep but has lived in suburbia the last few years, he is house trained but he doesn't like cats, has lived with children. He's with us in Centurion, contact for an application form.

border collieGeo is a 3yr male, lived with his brother but we'll be introducing him to some other collies soon, loves his walks and likes to play fetch, a little more reserved than his brother but friendly once he knows you, doesn't take long to make friends with him, canít live with cats but has lived with sheep and children in the past. Geo is with us in Centurion, contact for an application form


nicky border collieNicky is a 6yr female, her owner died a while ago :( 
Shes a sweet natured girl, might want to be the only female, was firm but not "ugly" with Sally as only BC females can be 
Nicky is with us in Centurion, contact for an application form


annie bcAnnie is a collie cross female around 4 maybe 5 months old, still has puppy teeth, her mum was a collie, dad was a stranger in the night. She's just a typical pup ready to explore and learn (and chew :P ) Annie is with us in Centurion, contact for an application form


border collieRascoe is a 10yr male, gorgeous tri colour boy! Hes just a great dog, good with cats, children and other dogs and he loves to play ball. His owners illness has degenerated so much she sadly cannot look after him anymore. Rascoe is with us in Centurion, contact for an application form

border collieDakota is a lot like me, she can be a bit funny with other dogs and people but once she knows you she's fine, not a fan of strangers and she doesn't like surprises like sudden loud noises or people moving towards her too quickly. She loves to play ball and is rather partial to the odd treat of chicken viennas or polony, she'd suit a quieter home with no children. Dakota is 7yrs old, her owners sadly had to downsize and there wasn't a garden for her. She's with us in Centurion contact for an application form
border collieBex and MacLeod are currently in East London, their owners are relocating early 2018 but would like to find them homes asap. 3 year old male Macleod on the right is something of an escape artist so 2 metre high walls are a must and he has a deep hatred of Jack Russell's, having been attacked by one as a puppy. He is completely friendly and kept egging me on for a game of tug or throwing one of his toys. He was besotted with an empty plastic bottle. 6 year old female Bex on the left is a friendly, adaptable dog but suffers from separation distress when people are not around. She has been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia but it doesn't worry her yet, might have to go on joint supplements in later years. Both of them are great with cats. Contact for an application form

border collie whiteKollie is a young male about 2 and a half years old, really friendly guy who lives to chase after a tennis ball, he's great with other dogs and is a good traveler. He can't live with children, will nip at them if they get too close to his face. Kollie is with us in Centurion contact for an application form

border collieDex is a 5yr male, house trained & will give you the collie eye when he needs to go out :) He's good with other dogs, doesn't like cats & he's great with older children, herds & nips anyone younger. He loves to splash around in water, walks very well on leash, great in the car and his best job is herding birds on the field, he will herd them but never touch or catch them. He is still with his owners but they have moved to a flat, contact for an application form border collie crossMaple came to us from CLAW, she had been hit by a car and has had a femur head operation but is doing really well! Maple is a collie cross girl with the sweetest nature, sings with delight to see you. She is good with other dogs and has a stunning nature. Still a baby only around 12 months old. Maple is with us in Centurion contact for an application form
border collieTigger's owner had to move into a retirement home and he couldnt go with her, Tigger isnt a big fan of anything around or anyone grabbing his round his neck & will snap at you, all bluff as he snaps the air not you but we still wouldn't like to home him with children. Loves to give hugs & yes he really is that wide, too many marie biscuits and needs to lose a few kgs.
Tigger is around 7 years old, good with female dogs but needs to be the only male.
He's with us in Centurion, contact for an application form
border collieTou was found tied to a tree which he'd walked round and ended up being trapped unable to move. He's about 5yrs old and is a lot of dog. Big boy probably a Rottweiler cross. Can be a bit possessive of his food but he was skinny and starving. He's very food driven and will do almost anything for a biscuit. Can be a bit of a thug bouncing off you in play so we don't think he would be suitable for a home with children. He's a lot of dog and will need a strong handler. Tou is with us in Centurion contact for an application form

bcFranco was found as a stray and unclaimed, he loves his teddy bear, loves playing catch and tuggy with it. He is around 4yrs old, rather a handsome boy, shorter coat so easy to keep looking dapper, great on a leash and in a car. Franco is with us in Centurion contact for an application form

border colliesRinkhals (girl) and Zoro (boy) are brother and sister, around 3 years old and they are looking for a good home to be placed together. They are a German Shepherd and Collie mix. They are very obedient and alert but they are also very sensitive and would prefer a home where there arenít any other animals. Zoro gets very attached and jealousy arises from it, whereas Rhinkhals is quite sensitive around other dogs and tends to get intimidated easily. These two love to play and run around. They have to go to a new home together as they are inseparable Ė they have such a beautiful bond ! NOTE: Rinkhals, the girl, has a food allergy - we have changed her food to a Dermatosis food and she is doing really well on it, thus she would need to go to a home where the same type of food can be provided. Zoro has beautiful but very thick coat. Contact Talitha Etsebeth on 082 372 9464 or
border collieLooking for a retirement home for Pipi, she's 14yrs, good with other dogs, knows sit (Tzwoh), Shake hand (Wo-Sao), eating time (Tzee) and quiet (Uhn-Jing) Her owner is currently in Taiwan and not in a financial position to keep the caretaker on anymore. She just wants a quiet home she can spend her golden years. Currently still at her owners house in Fairland. Contact us on if you can offer Pipi a few years of company. border ocllieGypsey is an absolute honey of a girl! She's a stunning tri colour female 9yrs old and has the sweetest nature with people. Bit of a typical Border Collie female and will want to be top dog, she lived with a GSD who sadly died recently, her family has suffered a series of blows. She likes to play with a tennis ball but wonít bring it back (yet) She does have quite a case of collie nose but we've started her on vitamins to sort it out, you'll just have to carry on her daily vitamin regime for about a year to get it sorted out for good. Gypsey is with us in Centurion, contact  for an application form
border collieBenny is a 6yr male, he isn't good with small children, is good with other dogs. Loves to play ball, quieter boy, he's with us in Centurion, contact for an application form border collieDanny is slightly smaller than your average collie, he's 6 yrs old but is a VERY energetic boy, he used to live at an orphanage before it changed hands and the new owners didn't want him there anymore, He's a very friendly boy, great with other dogs but sorry he cannot live with cats.

border collieSophie is a 12yr female, she was left at a vet with her sister because one of them (we don't know which one) allegedly bit a child (have no idea what was happening to cause a bite) and they said they were fighting with their other dogs.We do know they both seem to be a really nice pair of normal friendly Border Collies and we also know Sophie will chase cats. Will look a lot better after they have had a good bath and groom. We aren't looking to home them together. Sophie is with us in Centurion contact for an application form to give her the golden years at home.

border collieSmooch had pups, another shelter took her in until her pups were old enough to home on the understanding her owners wanted her back, sadly when that time came Smooch found herself unwanted.
She's around 3yrs old, craves company, loves people and being with them and will try every means possible to get to them, so, you will need either very high walls, electric fencing or someone to be around most of the time to keep her in. She's smaller than an average collie and has just the most fantastic nature, she's with us in Centurion, contact for an application form


border collieKlara was found as a stray living in the veld in Bloemfontein last month and was sadly unclaimed, shes about 4yrs old, very friendly girl and will look a lot better after we've given her a good wash and brush
Klara is with us in Centurion contact for an application form

border collieDaisy is a 7yr female, she loves to play ball, a little nervous of new people at first but makes friends quickly. She has lived with her sister and small children so is good with kids and other dogs, Daisys owners moved to a very small property and they were getting frustrated and digging holes, she's a very loving dog if you are willing to sit with her a few minutes to gain her trust
Daisy is with us in Centurion, contact for an application form